Help!! Need new Direct Access Broker!!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by cjb3, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. cjb3


    Too many problems with CyberTrader. Can anyone suggest a firm that offers the following:

    --Complete proactive ECN's(not routing to some predtermined MM

    --Full access to Dow Jones new--not limited to 5 days

    --Timely High Low monitor that scans the entire Mkt.

    -- competitive commison rate.

    I trade about 30-50 times a day.

    Many Thanks

  2. GTC


    What are the specific problems you faced with CyberTrader?
  3. cjb3



    In my opinion:

    ---slow execution--and miss routed trades(not always).

    ---the Hi/lo monitor is slow--does not cover the entire mkt.

    ---Dow news does not go back very far or does not work.

    What is your choice of broker?

  4. alanm


    IMO, focus on execution/ease-of-use/pricing from your broker and get the other stuff from people who do it well, if necessary. has lots of market-scanning stuff has months of history, filters, multiple vendors (including DJ), etc.
  5. GTC


    cjb3, I second alanm. What size do you trade in average? What stock price range do you usually trade?
  6. I also agree. When you trade, you need to use experts for their expert stuff.

    For filters I use Wisper
    For other filters I use TradeIdeas
    For research - Revere

    News I don't know.

    I don't think these things you should look for in a broker.