help my computer is infected

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by abducens, May 17, 2010.

  1. My laptop has a virus, I cant get task manager, nor system restore cant use the internet. there is software called antispyware soft that can get a web page, other internet does not work
  2. GTS


    If you can't download from the infected computer then download it on another computer and use a USB stick to get it to the infected one

    If necessary reboot into safe mode before running it

    If it were me I'd take a full image backup before even starting but that is probably overly a minimum I would backup any files that you consider important first.
  3. Surdo


    Start in safe mode and do a system restore to an earlier date.
    That may or may not help, you still need to remove it out of the registry.
  4. The system restore in safe mode worked. I have tried a few different antivirus scans and also used the microsoft tool and there seems to be no trace so far. thank you
  5. the1


    I've used this in the past but you gotta know what you're doing to use this tool. You can mess up your machine even worse if you don't have a clue. I'm no computer pro but I managed to get through it and it worked great.

    What I would try first is use another computer and go to and download the .exe onto a disk and install on the infected machine. Run that and see if it helps. This is one of the better free tools out there.

  6. Yeah, I'm not a tech geek by any means and I understand this program goes to the heart of the system, the registry. It did a nice, actually great, job and was straight forward to use.