Help measuring daily percentage change in U.S. Indexes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Awash, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Does anyone know of a great website that allows you to measure the daily change in percentage terms of major U.S. indexes? Or, world indexes? Day by day or even month to month?

    Attached you'll find a graphic of this measurement change in percentage for the month of July only.

    A lot of times I specialize and trade one index futures contract based on many variables but in this case based on largest percentage change. For example, this year I've concentrated a lot of my trading in the NQ, versus last year in the YM.

    Thanks in advance as this information will be incredibly helpful.
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  3. you want them all to start at 0?

    monthly weekly and daily are all different math and it takes some good programming for software to do that automatically.
  4. lindq


    How about you download daily data and run a spreadsheet. How hard is that?
  5. Awash


    First off, thanks everyone!

    Lindq, time is a scare resource preventing me from downloading all data on the major indices I trade and then creating a line graph; which requires continuous downloading for all subsequent trading sessions.

    As a result, I continued my research and found on the Wall Street Journal's website under the specific ticker pages for each index; where the chart not just reflects the index price change but editable to show only the index percentage change. I was also able to add other colored indices to compare and contrast. The WSJ website works perfectly for what I was looking for compared to the Yahoo Finance and/or

    Again, thanks everyone!!!