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    Can anyone tell me how we will not have HYPER iNFLATION soon?
    Please do not base your argument on "we are America and too big to fail".
    If you can not explain the differance between us and the Weirmar Republic shut up and let someone else explain it to me.
    I am not a highly educated man but it seems to me, short of repudiating the debt, the dollar is toast. We manufacture nothing. We have maxed out our National Credit Card and are now poised to use our house- National Resourses as colateral for the bad loans given us by China.
    Why should I not be all liqiud in Gold and silver coin. Gold for savings, silver for eminant needs.
    I am still working but can not afford to loose my life savings to Hypre Inflation just so the Government can try to pay back debt with devalued currency.
    Germany tryed it. How did that work out?
    Hope and Change my a--!
    Please excuse spelling and gramatical errors. I am just the backbone of this country, not one of the educated elite- but I do employ men and make a payroll.
  2. In your business have you experienced inflation since the beginning of the crisis?
  3. Smithfix - I think you already answered your question.

    But at the end of the day, not even Nobel-winning Economists got it right. We're all on our own to figure it out for ourselves.

    For what it's worth - I'm preparing for a hyperinflationary disaster, but not so much that I create my own personal disaster if the "Big One" doesn't hit. You have to have a balance and be able to adapt to a different world in the future while living in the world we know today.

    Good Luck.

  4. Its pretty obvious now that Nobel prizes mean nothing after giving one to Obama who did nothing.

    Peter Schiff got it right,but they would never give him nobel prize.
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    Mr Smith;
    ''Hyper inflation soon?''
    In some grocery/retail food, its already hyperflation now & has been.But seeds,live chickens ..... havent gone up much @ all.
    Oil looked better in euros than dollars, but those stupid Euro socialists tax /tax gas too much[Them, not us,LOL]
    As far as everything in gold & silver coins;
    too wide a bid /ask spread. Assuming the XOM or BP dealer gives your daily price of silver for your silver dollar?""I wouldnt even put ''all'', in Real Estate.

    Germany had too many ,in church , media & gov rubber stamping one[1] madman & some godless socialists;
    not true in USA @ all. See FOX news & CBN....................

    They like fed reserve notes for real estate also. I would not blame you if you insisted on all gold/silver coins @ your next real estate closing, dont forget the armored car/armed guards also.LOL. With bid /ask on coins, a dealer would be glad to exchange dollars for coins@ RE closing..

    Gold & silver bull/ dollar bear maybe the most probable trends. I am glad I am a tither.

    But 2010 is an election year, & weak dollar =good exports/good farm exports. Not predicting dollar is weak for all of 2010/election year,some RE looks good reguardless. I track trends.:cool:
  6. not necessarily hyper inflation but inflation. the only reason they hyper inflation in germany was so they could pay war reparations back print more money off to fund repayments.

    the problem we have is quantitative easing increasing money supply. the deflation was caused through saving the money still exists it will reenter the system with the printed money thus inflation. this may hit official levels of about 15 % but much higher elsewhere. the real problem is this they cannot increase interest rates when inflation hits because it damages the wider economy they will will have consistent inflation.

    basically everything will turn to sh1t. the general consensus is that here the question is how to deal with it. some say buy gold and silver (physical bullion) others here want guns. i would suggest both if you can. no other investments seem advisable in the long run. perhaps go short on the dollar.
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    It pains me to see this question. Didn't our favorite Uncle Ben get all dressed up and appear on TV today just to tell all the nice little boys and girls that we will not have inflation? Maybe you want him to give you a piece of candy with it....
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    You mean this guy:
  9. Is that video real? I find it hard to believe that was Maria and she was really acting like a journalist. Snopes must have something on this video.
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    Mind blowing to say the least.
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