help me to open option account/please

Discussion in 'Options' started by Samuel, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Samuel


    Dear forumers
    I am Russian citizen and I live in Russia
    I wanted to open account at etade to trade options. But they said that there are some requirements for option traders and some levels to which I should be approved to.
    They wrote:
    "As proof of income and investor experience is not a requirement you can send any documentation that best indicates your income and experience. Our Margin and Option Principals review your age, occupation, annual income, approximate net worth, liquid net worth, funds available for options trading, number of years trading, average number of transactions per year, average size of transactions, types of transactions, investment knowledge, investment objectives, and the type of trading activity planned. We cannot provide specific details regarding the levels required."
    So I understood that they dont need proof of my income/
    Please help me and answer the question:
    How should I fill in there application form to be approved for level 3 or 4? What income, experience and so on must I indicate?
    May be you have such experience. Please help
  2. charts


    When you fill in a form you state the truth. If you don't understand a question write or call Etrade and ask for explanations. :)
  3. ptrjon


    tell them you make $500k a year channeling charitable donations towards over the counter munitions markets in the middle east. That's how i set mine up.
  4. toyocoro



    Open an account with ThinkorSwim or Interactive Brokers (most of the programming at both firms is done by Russians). ThinkorSwim is more expensive than IB but I know ToS will give you full options trading ability right from the start. Send them whatever documentation they request and answers the questions truthfully, they need it to fulfill their regulation requirements. Etrade's options trading is very poor in comparison to ToS, IB and OptionMonster.