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    Just listing my swing trades and would love comments on them. Went long FDO on the close at 31.13 and my stop will be 30.60. Will sell half at 32 and will follow the rest until the previous days low. Anyone disagree with the play? Thanks
  2. I sort of see your play. Overall it is in an uptrend from July, but it looks like the sell volume each day during the last week or so is more than the volume of the last two green days. I would actually look to enter a short on this one at some time. That's just my opinion. Two people can both make money on different sides of the same stock.
  3. Posting charts with annotations will help a lot.
  4. i would use a stop of 1.5% for a swing trade on this stock, imo
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    Don't know how to make notes on my charts but here is the daily for it. I can see how the down volume was a lot bigger during the pull back. Thanks for the comments. If I had it to do over again I would pass on the trade. Stop is below the swing low and pass on the trade.
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  6. Try using a program like SnagIt for quick and easy screenshots with easy anotation.

    That program is a time saver. I use it all the time.
  7. The candlesticks did not form a signal long on that chart but I hope it makes money.
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    What would you like to see when you see a candlestick form a long signal?
  9. Depends on time frame I am always a fan of picking bottoms and getting out on the bounce. You got to talk to a good candlestick guy but it’s never bad to see a hammer. Doji is not bad to see either. You want something that gives you a tip that the sellers are weakened. You normally need to buy it before it forms for best price scenario.
  10. You might want to look into a program called Ultramon as well. It makes managing multiple monitors a breeze. Once you try it you'll swear by it.
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