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  1. I have posted this request on a couple of threads today, and I am seriously looking for some help here.

    First off, if you guys don't know how we, as traders, fit into the poker scene- check this:

    and, of course, "Jesus" is one of our traders.

    But, the reason for my asking for help/ideas/thoghts on this topic is this. My brother has been playing on the televised "Cash Poker" (Ultimate Poker Challenge).

    for a while now, and I've been asked to help with their promotional activities. Since we no longer have "legal" online poker in the U.S. (hopefully this is temporary, but who knows) - I am looking for ways to increase audience participation, both onsite and on TV - sort of a "Deal or no Deal" type of thing.

    I've thought of having spectators "bet" on a player, like a horse race...having monitors of hole cards live with narration, etc. but am looking for other ideas.

    Come on, some of you smart people help me out!

  2. Somehow you need to incorporate hot/sexy woman. Because that's what sells!!!!
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    I watched UBT show with Bob in it. It has, how do I say this, no sex appeal, you see a bunch of old guys playing carefully to win. I would watch again if Meg Tilly in it. Put the show on youtube so I can fast forward toward the exciting part, the winner/loser part, the all-in part, let's me get to know the winner so I can develop some sort of connection to the show. Right now they are just a bunch of old men to me, sorry.
  4. jeje.. hey maybe you can give some competition to doyle's poker network...

    bright poker... sounds catchy... :D
  5. what the heck does this at all have to do with Prop Firms?

    Firstly, just because you or your firm happen to sponsor this particular forum does not mean you should write completely unrelated drivel herein.

    Also, as a self promoted and outspoken "trading" industry advocate, you should at all times strive to keep in mind that poker is a form of gambling and gambling is NOT trading.

    Furthermore, trading should never be equated to gambling or confused to borrow any strategies from the latter. If you have convinced yourself the two are bridged in whatever way, you should revisit trading psychology. Otherwise you may still be a gambler and the shares, contracts, or options are still your chips with which you still gamble. Do not blur the line or associate the two, as they are unrelated. [The similarities you draw here ( are generic and could be applied and fitted to anything convenient, life in general, relationships, war, etc.]

    Lastly, it is regrettable that firms such as yours, which aim to purport some trading legitimacy seem to have one leg still stuck in the muck of the gambling racket and visibly detract from professional trading firms.
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    And, don't forget pick-up trucks and beer.
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    some more ideas, it's hard to tell who is leading, who is behind and how much is at stake, could they superimposed the stack of chips with actual money amount? I actually have some idea about how to promote ET, this idea could be easily translate into a cross marketing event between all parties involved. It could be a internet first :D
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  9. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments (and humor, LOL), and even for the "tongue lashing" -

    I have never advocated gambling, btw, it has always been our honest contention that Poker and Blackjack are games of skill, and the results pretty much prove that, IMO.

    We all try to not take ourselves so seriously all the time, just having some fun.

    OK, the "girls" are actually involved in the show, but evidently not enough, LOL. The "boring old guys" is the exact same thing I told the producer (He's actually one of the guys in the games as well).

    I'm trying to think of how the "mechanics" of getting the public involved might work - some type of interaction, any ideas on that?

    We can move this to chit chat or something, not a big deal, but thanks for continuing to help.

  10. Just for fun - Goldman hedge fund people commenting on "blackjack card counting".

    Carhart, 40, co-head of the quantitative strategies group at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., uses his July speech to poke fun at the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. chief executive officer's penchant for investing in market-leading brands like Coca-Cola and Gillette. He cites study after study showing that big-name companies with high price-earning multiples or rapid growth rates make poor bets.

    Carhart, a former assistant professor of finance at the University of Southern California, helps oversee other hedge funds, four mutual funds and scores of separate accounts. In all, he and Iwanowski have $101.5 billion at their command. Carhart and Iwanowski use math-heavy trading tactics that fund consultant Sol Waksman likens to counting cards in a casino. The two lead a corps of computer-loving traders, statisticians and finance and economics Ph.D.s.

    Full story:

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