Help me sell my Vegas home...CASH or MENTORING for referral!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Dustin, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Dustin


    As we all know the housing market sucks especially in Vegas. We don't want to wait for 2-3 years for this market to stabilize so we are trying to sell now to move back to CA.

    The biggest problem with the Vegas market is lack of buyers. Therefore I'm happy to offer cash to anyone who can help. We are already listed on all the major sites. Do you know anyone who wants to relocate, or just move to Vegas to trade at Bright?

    The house is 2700+ sq ft, 3 br, 3 bath, 1 den in Guard Gated Golf Course Community. Has access to free Gym, Basketball, Tennis, Pool, and Clubhouse. We have the best upgrades available, and a fully landscaped backyard on large corner lot. This is great home for a family.

    If you would rather have a week of mentoring instead of the referral I would be up for that. I made nearly $50k last week.

    PM me for referral details, serious inquires only.

    Check out the house!
  2. At what price range have prospective buyers been willing to bid on your house?
  3. Dustin


    There are no buyers...we haven't even had a showing. Holding an open house this weekend but we would be lucky to get anyone coming through.
  4. Drop your asking price 25% and see if it stirs any interest. It will piss off your neighbors but you may be able to dump it on a bottom picker.
  5. Does the job at Bright come with it?

    What are the HOA fees?

    Would you take $275k?
  6. tito


    Any specific reason why you want to get out of Vegas?
  7. jtnet


    where is the picture of the trading room...?
  8. Dustin


    see pic