help me please, I need help, been acting

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  1. Cicero


    I've been acting on ET that I am hotshot, all I got is 9 k IB account and all I make is 38 dollars per day with 1 car

    I can't seem to get beyond 66% accuracy what can I do, I tried everything :(

    at this rate I'll never amount to decent size :(
  2. Cicero


    draw downs of 20% also happen

    and it wastes time to get back up, everything wastes time, commissions eat me up, break even days waste time too :(
  3. Give me 6k and I will promise to show you how to make 1k in one day, guaranteed.

    Can you afford not to do this?
  4. Shit - sign me up

  5. Redneck



    Assuming you’re being straight up – by acknowledging the truth – you’ve just taken the first step …

    And since you ain’t dead...., the sun "will" come up tomorrow...., and nothing has changed – except possibly inside you (feel a little relief inside?)….

    Build on that… (the hard cold unforgiving truth)… and from this point on – always keep it real

    Trust me when I say – been there done that… I survived it – so will you

    Your journey begins here Sir


  6. jalee25


    hmmm.... interesting. so if the OP doesn't make $6k in 6 trading days after lesson learned from you... will there be a full refund?
  7. I'll sign up if he pays me 2:1 if his shit dont work

  8. xxxskier

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    if you are for real, here's some advice.

    1. you may be trading the wrong instrument
    2. consider changing your time frame
    3. if you do make a profit one week, take the $ out of your account and use it for something else ( bills). delaying the growth of your account will be outweighed by the psychological benefit of knowing that you actually made money and kept it without giving it back to the market. this will help you to end the common cycle of "giving profits back to the market", thereby bolstering your sense of accomplishment and providing some positive behavioral reinforcement for acting in your in your own best interest.

    basically, you need to dramatically change the way you operate. i don't know what your "issues" are, but the bottom line is you will either continue what your doing and go nowhere fast or decide to get out of your own way and change your game.
  9. Buy 4,000 shares of SFI on monday. Wait a week or two.
  10. 66% accuracy is meaningless...and you know it.
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