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  1. I've got a thousand bucks that came out of nowhere so I don't really care if I lose it. However, it'd be pretty nice if I could make some money off it.

    Never invested a single penny in the stock market in my life (other than some mutual funds that I don't pay attention to)

    I want to invest in a stock with potential for big returns, despite the inherent riskiness that comes with such investments. LIke I said, if I lose the money - not a big deal. It's more so to learn the stock market and have a little fun watching my stock(s).

    So, I come to you guys for suggestions. I hesitate to say a stock "tip" because when has a stock tip ever worked out, right? :) But if you could give me some stocks that fit this criteria which I can go research, I would be grateful.

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    ^Really dopey post.

    Donate the money to an animal shelter or to a very needy person. You'll feel a lot better about your decision.
  3. Buy 10 shares of GE

    Buy 25 shares of TATTF

    Buy 30 shares of BPOP

    and sell them on the next bull market.

    Next bull market means when you see Pompoms in CNBC.


  4. I'm already involved in numerous charitble causes. I'd like to donate every cent I make to every single charity out there if I could - but you have to have some money for yourself to play with, right? Now with all those posts, I'd assume you'd know by now to stick to the poster's question. thanks!
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    (Rolls eyes.)
  6. Actually, I was thinking more Rolls Royce. ;)
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    My advice is to go out and find a stock on your own and buy it for whatever reasons you think it will go up. I've made the mistake of taking "tips" from others and to be honest, I'd rather be able to hold myself accountable for losing money than just blaming someone else for being wrong. You'll learn a lot more by doing your own homework. If not then just buy csun and djp.
  8. Since no one seems to want to give you a straight answer, I'll give it a shot. Pick a volitile stock, AAPL or RIMM will do. Wait for it to get short term overbought or oversold and take the other side of the trade with slightly in the money or out of the money options. Its best done close to expiration so their isnt much time premium. If you time it right, you can triple or better your money in a couple of days, if not you'll lose it all. Not sure it meets your investment criteria but If nothing else, you'll learn how fast money can be made or lost. If you actually want to own something for the long term, go for the beaten down etfs like XLF or XHB or even some semi stocks like NVDA or BRCM. Again, you're better of with options because you really cant buy much for 1K. Maybe someone can give you some tips on penny stocks, but I've never touched one. Hope this helps a bit.

    PS just thougt of another cheapie you can take a lottery ticket on, CWTR, its been pummeled latley so theres triple potential or the old going out of business sign.
  9. Can't do much with a G.

    Go out and get a hooker and 8-ball.

    If you feel the need to go into stocks, do what the other poster said and get a volatile option.
  10. Scalper, thanks for the tips. I'm looking into those stocks now.

    I love this site. In one post, someone tells me to give my money to an animal shelter. In another, they say to buy a hooker and an 8-ball. Elite Trader. Can't beat it!
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