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  1. Yo, what this type of options position called? Trying to get the right lingo.

    is this a strangle? This is from my etrade account anyhow doing good so far selling them lotto ticket so far. its like running numbers but legit.

    anyhow word on the street is this book by some guy called natenberg options volatility and pricing is supposed good. should i get it?
  2. I have my doubts that you're entirely literate. Have mommy read it to you. No, that's not a strangle, it's a "boojie"
  3. Yo? Yo? Who's callin' me?

    Whoa, hoah, who are you, oh, you're who? GhostDog? Oh, ghettotrader, thank God for that, right, hey, what do you need man. Yeah, yeah, that's allright, I just wanna get out of here.

    Allright. Natenburg is a decent book on options. I think there are better - some that come to mind are:

    Crack (Hey, no offence man, I mean it, this is the guy's real name) - Basic Black Scholes - printed like an amateur book but its the best options primer out there.
    Sinclair - Volatility Trading - a book with really serious practical aims about hedging and quantifying vol - this is an excellent, thoughtful book.
    Taleb Dynamic Hedging - Taleb is well known now and this is an old book - I think he really has something to say, but he can jump from primer basics to old hand jargon in a moment. This book might make you think about what you do with a book full of options, rather than one.

    I looked into selling options but found the spreads and hedging costs too wide to justify. You can dream up many ways to hedge, but it's not trivial. If futures/fx/equities are nontrivial to trade, well, you can add at least one dimension of complexity to options.

    Good luck - if you decide to stay out of options, I would think that a prudent decision. Others may tell you otherwise.
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    Be careful and watch out for the boojie man!
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    The position is simply 7 short 63 puts and 1 synthetic short 65 put. I believe the technical term is "put stupid".
  6. Yeah, I heard these referred to as "stupids" myself...
  7. haha the black hate is strong.
  8. I doubt you trade. screenshot of your screen your your just another punk bitch poster.

    quite a few trashtalking niggas here who dont trade but talk up a big one.
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    Says the guy with 100 shares of IWM, short 1 65 call and short 7 63 puts and asking what kind of trade it is.
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