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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Gptobm, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. Gptobm


    Hi masters~~

    i'm so green that i don't even know which broker is the right one. right after a long time asking and consulting, i wanna pick one up in here below the brokers. and pls kindly tell me which one is better according 2 your live account experience pls. or~~tell me more if u have any better one .

    fxsol \ oanda \ cmsfx \ alpari

    poeple say that the GainCapitalGroup( is bankrupte, is that ture? and it's been said that all the brokers r all trade against the clients undergoing? is that true? pls help me out of the jam~~

    thx sincerely~~~
  2. anouka


    Alpari may be a good broker for what they say, I can’t really say much about them. I think they are located in UK so make sure it is regulated by the FSA which is the commission in that country.
  3. fxgator


    Alpari is a good broker. Haven't heard any serious problems regarding this broker.
  4. Buddha_E


    I have been trading @

    I signed up from this website Please feel free to have a look
  5. Destiny


    Hi guys!
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  8. both...dasvidania...
  9. joemiami

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    I trade thru MB Trading. One of the best around, and they are true non dealing desk......spread is about 1 pip. Their platform takes a lil time to set up but well worth it...

    FX Solutions, Oanda are good too.

    Dukascopy only for the heavy hitters..must have at least $50k acct to play thru them.
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