Help me find a prop firm to invest 10k with

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by eurojack, May 20, 2012.

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    I wasn't really sure but after a while I decided to start this thread here. I apologize in advance if it's not in the right forum.

    I'll have €10k at the end of the year in savings and I'm looking for either a managed account or a prop firm to trade my money. I want 10% per month after expenses/costs.

    I'm not quite sure if that's realistic or not, can you please advise me on the subject and suggest anyone in EU or USA and Canada. I'm not interested in other countries.

  2. If you look for a managed account get reaL (too small) and no, prop firms normally do NOT trader other peoples money - traders bring their own money. Maybe there are exceptions for investors in those firms, but again, 10.000 USD is not a size that is attractive. Heck, MY bank wont talk to me about a fixed income deposit for 10.000 USD.

    Finding a trader is another thing, but normal managed is out and again, prop is for YOU trading, not the firm your money.
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I thought prop firms are like investment firms. My mistake I guess. I know €10k is not a lot, if I had a million I wouldn't be posting here, but I don't that's why I'm looking for advice.

    What is reaL?
  4. Is this meant to an attempt at humor?

    Your expectations have no basis in reality, none at all.
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    What do you suggest then? What is the minimum such investment firms would require? Is there a place for someone like me with that kind of money?
  6. There are no "such investment firms". Your expectations for returns are utterly unreasonable, and unrealizable for *any* amount of investment.
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    Well I'm new at this so sue me.

    What is the realistic ROI I can expect?
  8. Slightly less than GDP growth. Which currently puts things around 0%, plus or minus, for those of us in G8 economies.
  9. There are numerous traders on this website who will trade your money for you on a profit split basis, but I don't know how much you will have left in a few months. Very possible to see the account go to a big fat zero.