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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chud, Jun 16, 2005.

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    I need to get a new computer and I'm thinking I'll get a Dell laptop. I'm on a pretty tight budget and haven't shopped for a computer in a while so I'm looking for some help.

    The Inspiron 9300 looks nice for trading with the 17 in. screen. I'm thinking I should go with UXGA display since it allows better resolution. Do I need to get the 256 MB video card if I'm going to be plugging in another monitor and viewing several charts, etc.?

    Also, this system will support an extra monitor out of the box right?

    Will I wish for the DVD burner if I don't get it?

    I assume the 1.6GHz Pentium M will be plenty fast for me?

    Is a 7200 RPM drive really worth the extra money?

    Any other considerations?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. qtip


    check out

    The prices might be a bit higher but the laptops are built specifically for serious traders.
  3. I've been looking at that, too. As for memory, it depends which apps you run - I'd get at least 512M, as my trading involves using several java apps that can grow to 80M each. Run task manager on your present system and tally how much memory your processes use.

    Several people I know have said the 7200rpm disks are worth it.

    I don't know what kind of mouse to get. I've found the touchpads aren't precise enough and the little joysticks are too slow to use, so I'd like a small external mouse that can roll around on some unused part of the laptop's keyboard.
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    As for memory, I'm just getting the cheapest option (256MB) from Dell, but I'm going to order 2GB from to max out the computer. Dell really overcharges for memory ($1000 for the 2GB vs. $300 at crucial), and I'm tired of worrying about not having enough.

    I'm going to get an external mouse also. I couldn't use those trackpads fulltime.
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    Be careful with the UXGA, a lot of users complain that it is very uncomfortable on the eyes. Check the reviews at
  6. How does this Dell Inspiron 9300 available through Costco compare with the features that you've narrowed down for your trading+ requirements vs. what you've configured at the Dell website, less $200+ in coupons?

    If this total configuration is a better deal, would you consider keeping the 512MB RAM, and adding 1GB RAM from Crucial?*4337*4347*

    Dell 9300 1.73GHz
    512MB, 80GB
    DVD+/-RW, 17" WXGA+
    XP Pro/Office SBE
    64MB DDR ATI® Mobility™ RADEON™ X300
    3 Year Limited Warranty: Dell At-Home Service

    plus $8.00 for CA E-WST FEE

    Item # 736566
    Shipping & Handling included

    The Inspiron™ 9300 is designed as a high performance, mobile desktop replacement. Powered by the Intel® Pentium® M processor, new 915 chipset, super fast 533MHz FSB, Dual Channel DDR2 memory and Intel® 2915 Wireless card, the 9300 has both high performance and increased battery life. The faster graphics, broader spectrum wireless, amazing HD audio capability, and large high-resolution displays, make this an ideal mobile business presentation or game machine and desktop replacement.
  7. Chud brings up a good point.

    With 7200rpm HD sure to soon become the standard in laptops, would there be any real disadvantage to running a 5300rpm for the next three years for trading to include the Open, scalping - even limited pair trading, in addition to multi-media (but no hard gaming) usage?
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    Speed of the HD won't impact trading much. It mostly influences "HD functions", like loading an app or bringing up a new chart. Otherwise, the stuff is in RAM.
  9. gnome


    1. High powered video card not needed for trading.

    2. 1.6Ghz is fast enough.

    3. 7200 RPM drive not necessary, just a bit faster.

    4. If you really want a DVD burner, get one for your desktop.... should be lots less expensive.
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    Thanks for pointing that out, but I can get a better deal for what I want from Dell's site I think. Especially using one of those $750 coupons they put out occasionally.
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