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  1. In another thread, I described that my issues with the TradeTheNews management. I really like their service, but would like to change if there is something comparable out there.

    My requirements are that they have to have audio as well as streaming news. I like to hear significant events, such as news that makes equities spike, economic news, etc. Another requirement is that it has to be 24x7. I trade everything tradeable, and at anytime possible. For example, events such as the Japanese central bank intervening in the forex markets at night is when I do my best trades.

    I don't need squawk from the floor, although that's an added bonus. In this solitary job, it's nice to hear something in the background.

    I have checked out RanSquawk from London. It's a good service, but it's not 24x7. I also have a hard time with that British accent sometimes! And they aren't that cheap either. Then there's Unfortunately, they're not 24x7 either, just U.S. market hours. But a huge plus is they are very reasonably priced.

    I also checked out, but that's a squawk service from the floor rather than news.

    So....any recommendations for a news service that's 24x7 with audio? And they must do a good job of filtering tradeable news. I appreciate any recommendations.
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    Here is a list of news services I found when I was looking for one.
    I'm afraid you might know them already, but maybe somebody else out there finds it useful.
    It is possible that some of them are not existing anymore and I did not try all of them.

    AFX News
    Dow Jones Newswires
    Forex & Futures Radio
    IFR Markets
    Informa Global Markets
    MarketNews International
    Need to Know News
    Thomson One

    Personally I use TradeTheNews (text only), RanSquawk (audio turned off) and NewsStrike.
    The combination of those does the job for me. (I am interested in macro news, not in individual equity news.)

    The NewsStrike speaker is the best news speaker out there in my opinion.
    He knows what counts and brings the news in an appropriate manner.
    (As opposed to the mumbling guys at TradeTheNews and the annoying hystery at RanSquawk.)

    Btw, I would leave TradeTheNews the very day I find a replacement because of their unacceptable attitude and business policies. But I'm sure time will take care of that, anyway.

    Good luck trading.
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    That's a great list, cvh, thanks!
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    CvH, this is a great and very useful list of news feeds. Thanks a lot for your post and opinion.
  5. I like, they have everything you listed, and more...
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    Disappointed with NewsStrike. Just tried it. Sound quality really bad. The speaker is with a heavy Indian accent. I found it really difficult to understand what he was trying to say. Maybe it was just that time of day. Will give them a go another day.

    RanSquawk were very good, right on the spot, nice and clear speaker with good English. Its not free though.
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    Can you run those news not taking up a full page and constantly updating ?
  8. It's been a few months since I started this thread. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I spent some time studying the online news services that also have audio. Finally, I did a YouTube video comparing some of these services. Hope it can help someone out:

    It's a long video (40+ minutes), but I tried to show you each platform in detail and rate their service. In summary, is the best because they are 24 hours/say and they do a great job of providing news quickly. They also have a great morning review so you can catch up on market events when you get up. But very expensive at $350/month.

    There is another great alternative: Benzinga for $79/month and Ransquawk Lite service for about $30/month. Yes, you need both.

    Remember that I started looking for a news service after TradeTheNews pissed me off with their mandatory Linkedin requirement. This is when I started looking for a new service. But after my research, I was sorry to find there really is no alternative.

    Anyways, hope this helps someone!
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    If you really get really lonely, you can get cnbc streaming video and audio for free. Comes with TOS/Thinkorswim. Open a paper account with 20 minute delayed market info for free with TD ameritrade or open a regular account with them so you can get real time market data. No funding needed to open it and a buck will keep it open. I have two accounts and use TOS to set up my trades for the other one as well. CNBC running in the background is a plus.
  10. bc1, I do get lonely :) You have a great suggestion for CNBC, but you can get free live streaming Bloomberg directly off the Bloomberg website. But I don't like CNBC or Bloomberg. They have actually ruined a few trades for me when they talked me out of my own thoughts. And neither reports breaking news quickly enough to trade.

    I recently opened an account with TOS to evaluate their platform. Their trades are tremendously expensive! I use IB, but their platform sucks, so I pay e-signal to get their charts and data. I opened TOS to see if it will be a good substitute to e-signal. I would still place my trades through IB.

    I'm still learning the TOS platform. It's anything but intuitive. I've already done a video comparing IB and Tradestation. I'll probably do another video review of TOS once I've gained more experience with their platform.
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