Help me buy a new car (and what about cars and gender?)

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  1. Tonight I saw the movie "The Italian Job"...

    Really fun movie. Very entertaining. Not very realistic, but so what? To me, being entertained is what it's about. If movies needed to be "realistic" then the 30 (or whatever it is) James Bond movies would not have all (or mostly) been box office hits.

    Anyway, the little Cooper Mini was a "star" of the movie.

    They had them souped up for the purposes they needed them for in the movie, and they were really cool to me. But my wife said that to her, it was too small a car, and it was a "girl's" car. Well, not that I would buy one, but I am in the market for a car. It got me thinking again.....why are some cars sort of "gender" specific?

    Now the Minis in the movie were most definitely not "girl" cars to me. But again, they were loud, fast, and not stock. So they were cool. And had a "masculine" kind of aura to them. (for young men at least....can't see a middle aged guy like me driving one, but I could see my son driving one.....or more accurately, me when I was his age. He doesn't like small cars).

    I don't think I have ever seen a male (at least not older than a teenager) drive a Volkswagen New Beetle, or a Volkswagen convertible. But Jettas are driven by males. Miatas seem to be driven by females. I am sure there are others, but those examples seem the most obvious to me right off the top of my head.

    My perception of the Astin Martin is the "male" version of the Jaguar XK8. (though I would "settle" for the Jag at half the price if I could really afford it...of course I would need the XJ-R, so that really puts it out of reach:()

    I remember seeing an original Shelby Cobra not long ago. I pointed it out to my wife, and she said it wasn't "pretty". I said it wasn't supposed to be. I said it was supposed to look "mean".

    To me, the BMW Z-3 seemed like a women's car. The new Z-4 seems more masculine (actually, it is a car I have been thinking about for myself...anyone have one or has anyone here driven one and able to give me an opinion?...none at my local dealership to test drive).

    Corvettes seem like they are cool for younger men, and older women, and also much older men. But somehow miss the in between male market.

    Porsche 911....masculine with manual transmissions, and not with automatic.

    BMW 3 series convertible...feminine to me, except the M3, which somehow becomes a masculine machine with the four exhaust pipes (and costs a ton more).

    Wondering if it was me, or if these cars are really designed (or marketed) as being gender specific.

    What are your guy's thoughts? Also, since I am working on a deadline to get a new car, and car shopping is a pain in the ass, I would appreciate any suggestions or reviews.

    The leases on my cars just expired. I had a Lexus 300 RX, which I loved. Probably the best car I ever owned as far as comfort and quality. But not that much fun to drive. And my other car was a Saab 9-3 SE convertible. A lot of fun to drive, but the quality wasn't real impressive. However, the service was terrific. The too many times it was in the shop, it was a relatively pleasant experience. They gave nice loaners, and fixed everything very well. But if not for the warranty, it would have been a very expensive set of repairs (including a new turbo unit after only 25k or so miles).

    So who likes what? Thoughts on the Z-4? SLK? (Can't afford the SL, which I would really like, but just out of reach for me, as is the 911 (the Boxster seems like very little car for the money).

    My wife wants me to get the Audi TT convertible. Seems kind of small, but I do like the Quatro, and the way it handles..which reminds me; the Saab I had, while fun to drive, and quick, had front wheel drive, which I prefer NOT to have, especially in Florida, where I don't need that kind of traction for snow. I like the way a rear wheel drive car handles much better.

    So I am basically undecided between a sports car (convertible...most likely with a manual transmission) and an SUV. But since I just got a Durango for my wife, having another SUV seems kind of silly. And they all get pretty lousy mileage, which seems wasteful. (Also, I don't know if two SUVs will fit in my garage.

    The Nissan 350Z is supposed to come out with a convertible, but I need a car by (or around) July1, and don't want to get robbed by paying a premium for a newly released car if it does come out by then.

    Meanwhile, sharing my son's Civic until the end of the month when he leaves for the Navy. Driver's seat doesn't go back far enough for me to fit. I have to recline the seatback just to drive it. I feel like I should have my arm hanging outside the window to complete the "look". (get's good mileage though).

    Drove the G35...drove great. Very fast, and very nice. But seemed kind of dull. Just another 4 door sedan. The G35 coupe seems very cool, but they did not have any to demo. And it just doesn't look as cool as the Z (the Z has flared fenders, the G35 doesn't). The Z is a bit shorter. No jump seat, and for some reason, they are NOT going to make the G35 as a convertible (too bad, that would seem ideal).

    SC430 a bit out of my price range too. I have driven my friend's a lot of times. Very fast, and very luxurious. But expensive, and the styling doesn't really do that much for me. And also, it too seems a bit "feminine". I like the hardtop convertible idea a lot though. Which is why I am considering the SLK, but that too I sometimes think of as being a bit on the "feminine" side. And it is small. But like the M series BMW's, with the bigger motor, and bigger tires and wheels, the SLK seems more "masculine" (No idea how much more money that involves, but I would expect a LOT).

    Also, I realize the Z4 also comes with 2 different power levels. Again, is it worth 10k for a bigger motor and an extra tail pipe? Obviously the easy answer is yes, but cost is a consideration. If it weren't then I would just get one of everything (Starting with an F355 F1 Spyder....which goes to show, I have modest tastes in Ferraris:).....).

    So, what kind of car should I get?

    Peace, and how 'bout some input? Some help?
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    Seriously, you are sounding very self conscious about trying to fit in .. who really gives a shit what "gender" type a car is. A Mini or a Miata is quite sporty and a load of fun to drive and own -- yes for a guy.

    It is your car, you buy what performs well to you and will fit in your budget.
  3. about getting an AUDI TT convertible!

    That is a beautiful car! Gender is irrelevant in that thing! :)
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  5. I say go for the used 2003 SL with a few thousand miles on it for bout 90k.

    U only live once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    There are so many killer choices right now, that buying a car is actually kind of fun [just think of all the test drives you can do, and all the Borders or Barnes and Noble magazines you can browse thru while sipping some espresso :D .)

    If you hadn't said everything you had said, I could suggest some cars, but it sounds like you are looking for the perfect car for under $35K!!

    For whatever it is worth, I have two cars. I have an "old" 5.0 Mustang GT convertible that I have souped up with a couple of extras :D. This car I take out when all the rice burners are getting on my nerves, or at night with the top down on a beautiful summer day. I love the exhaust sound, torque, raw power, and plain rawness of this car, and it is fun because I can tinker with it and not be concerned that I won't have a car that won't start or will die on me on a cold winter Chicago morning...

    For my daily driver, I have a BMW 325i, an absolute looker, but a little feminine. However, I have my XM radio in it so that I can listen to Bloomberg or CNBC, and all my music CD's go in this one - attractive, economical, sporty, but overly engineered like everything BMW and not a lot of "fun."

    Probably the closest thing that I can think of for you is the new RX7! LOL.

    nitro :D
  7. I happen to like both those cars, but I have trouble with my son't Civic....not big enough inside to accomodate my height. If the seat went back another few inches, it wouldn't be so bad. But I prefer a convertible (I hear that there will soon be a mni convertible, but man, that car is REALLY small.

    And I don't need to "fit in" own perception of cars being gender specific is real to me. Whether it makes sense or not.

    The TT convertibale seems to be the front runner right now. I know I can get a great deal on a new one with the Quatro feature. But I still want to test drive the Z4 before making a final decision. And there are none available to drive. Same with the G35 coupe.

    The Audi is a great car, but out of my price range (I think they are around $80K. Besides, I want a convertible. I looked at the A4 convertible, and there was nothing exciting about it. Very similar to my Saab. I want something different. Too boring to get the same car twice. (essentailly the same..).

    Porche is also out of my price range. only live once. But sadly, I still can't afford it. (Justify it). Besides, for that much money, especially for a used car, I can think of better options. But still...Just out of my price range. Besides, as you say, you only live once, but my wife would kill me if I spent that kind of dough.

    But thanks. And yeah, it is a beautiful car. But if I had one, I would be miserable that I did not have the SL55 :(

  8. jeep wrangler with BIG TIRES. hehe
  9. Yeah, perfect car for Florida. I have had both a CJ5 and a CJ7, but both when I lived in Colorado.

    Useless here.

    But thanks.

  10. girl cars :

    SLK, any bmw except 7 series, jetta, miata, most jaguars, ML320

    guy cars:

    range rover, mercedes sl 500, aston martin, ferrari, any porsche but 944

    cars i wouldn't be caught dead in :

    volvo--socialist / democrat staff car

    saab--- can't stand these cars or the sound they make

    audi--- ever since the audi 5000 fiasco


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