Help - Looking For Software With Historical Time And Sales

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by citytrader, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. Hi All,

    If someone can help me out it would be most appreciated.

    I am looking for a software program that will give me time and sales along with bid and ask sizes for at least the past two trading days of NYSE stocks.


  2. lescor


    This should be a pretty common feature in a charting package. The ones I've seen that can do this are first alert and AT financial. I haven't done a longer look back in qcharts, but their intra day price data goes back pretty far, so their t&s probably does too.
  3. historical time and sales for globex overnight futures?

    I do not think any vendors supply this ...

    but welcome any comments otherwise
  4. Medved Quote Tracker has time and sales and volume, bid and ask (no volume on bid and ask).
    2 day history with free version, 5 day history with registered version.
    You need a data feed.
    IB works well if they are already your broker and it's free (you are already "paying" for it)
    Scottrade will backfill current day for free as well.

  5. GiaMa


    Something like this in this image?
    You should try Moneyline but I think many others offer this kind of service.
  6. You can get multiple days of T&S data using's Qcharts datafeed.