Help! Looking for a broker with an API allow me to send complex option order.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by draguide, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. draguide


    Hi, guys. I am looking for a broker with API to trade options except IB. 'cuz I am using IB, and thinking of change to another broker.
    I thought it should be easy, until I found that most of the so called 'direct access trading platform' are designed for STOCK trading, not for OPTIONS.
    I have checked quite a few brokers with API, none fo them has an API which can send complex options with more than one legs.
    Does anyone knows or using a broker whose API can submit combo/complex orders? Seems like IB is the only one.
    I'm thinking maybe I can use basket order do the samething? But I am not sure. If I put buying 30call and selling 35call in same basket order, will that work? Does this same as an bull call spread combo order?
    Does combo orders routed directly to exchange or routed by broker server until the price meet? Someone said ISE accept combo orders, is this true?
  2. tomu


    Try taking a look at Realtick. They aren't a broker but they are a third party execution software that alot of brokers allow customers to use. I know their options add-on Turbo Options allows legs.
  3. I asked their customer support person about API access and he said in very friendly tone "we do not expose API servers to retail clients".

    Hmmm... Curious George was not happy with the response so he put a DEBUGGER at work and guess what he founds.


    <EZMessage action='order.create'>

    <EZMessage action="order.create">
    They have many other actions like this and guess it won't be tough to reverse engineer the API. I'll check with OH if this is legal as per their ToS.

  4. Cerin


    I can't imagine how it would be illegal. This API is being used by your browser when you login to their website and place orders. Unless their API explicitly says you can only use IE/Firefox/Safari/etc, you can simply implement your own "browser" to manipulate this API. I also don't see why'd they'd object in any case, because you're still *paying* them a commission.