Help! Longshot Alert: Newbie Needs a Remote Prop home with no deposit.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by drjmpc, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Okay this is going to sound nearly impossible, but I know that there has got to be at least one firm out there that does this:

    I am looking for a Proprietary trading firm that has the following characteristics:

    1. Provides some training & mentoring
    2. Allows for Remote access [or is near Central Ohio]
    3. Does not require a deposit, while trading the firms capital.

    Licensing does not scare me as I have passed the series 7 before [just allowed it to lapse because Trader positions are difficult to come by in Buckeye City, so you stuck being a broker/financial advisor]

    Markets may be a bit more of a challenge as my body of knowledge has been equities and a little forex. However, I am willing to trade anything that has decent volume and an exchange. Any suggestions?

    Before the questions start, no I have not completed my undergrad yet, but I plan to return to my studies this coming spring, hopefully just as I am beginning to turn a profit. The plan is to be making a comfortable living by the time I enter grad school [ M.S. Securities Analysis @ Creighton & M.S. Financial Engineering @ Stevens Institute of Technology -- both online for about $33,000USD a piece] with enough cash to pay my living expenses and student loans.

    Ideally I would have liked to join a firm like Kershner Trading and just stayed there through graduation until I felt comfortable enough to start an incubator fund, but I suppose that is not yet an option.

    No responses that takes into account my requirements will be discounted.

    Thanks in advance .

  2. I'd look at Keystone trading. Thats what I'm about to do.. No licensing requirements, trade firms capital, absorb do need to pay $4000 for training and once you're done and start trading they split profits 50-50 though.
  3. You're either stupid or pumping for the company. That's a scam set up.
  4. drjmpc


    $4000? I am only seeing fees of about $1500 for training? Where's the additional funds come from?
  5. Ask Keystone Trading how much training is without being able to trade firm capital afterward.
  6. Have to thank the OP for the laugh. The guys here at the bank are cracking up. Good one.

  7. Turn a profit by spring? That's not very ambitious, you should be banking mid 5 figs by Christmas.
  8. Sorry that wasn't my intent to pump for the company. But hows it a scam? Do you even know anything about the company? Do you want to front me $50k to start trading? Didn't think so...
  9. the $1500 or so is for training, but to trade their capital its a total cost of $4000...

    sorry I'm not trying to pitch for the company, this is the info that I know...
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    Not quite what I was looking for folks, but it is a good start. Keep the suggestion coming...
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