Help learning about a Firm "Traders Capital" in Chicago.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by GustyWind, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. GustyWind


    Does anyone have information about the company called "Traders Capital" in Chicago, I would like to learn from folks about their program, and any other information. Someone who has worked there or working there, know of the firm, and is willing to provide some insight will be a great help.
  2. You've seen their constant ads on Craigslist too! :cool:
  3. you've been here over 5 years and you can't spot a spam post?!?

    hint: new member asking for info on an unknown firm with a handy dandy link to said firm in their post.

    hint #2: it's well targeted marketing, as the clueless trader wannabe's will click the link and possibly get reeled in.
  4. 1) It's not as though I gave it a positive endorsement.
    2) ?.....!......Hey, just a doggone minute! You wouldn't happen to be affiliated with that firm now, would you? :D
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  6. I've met with those guys. They want you to trader futures. You put up cash. And no doubt if/when you lose your "skin in the game" money, they'll kick you to the curb.
  7. GustyWind


    Thanks for the reply to my post everyone.

    Wow full tilt, I am surprised just by asking for information because I can't find it over the internet or from my sources, someone could think my posting being a spam?

    Thanks nazzdack for some positive notes. Yes they are ads on Craigs List that is why I am researching this company. Yes I am new to the trading world. I would like to make a career in this industry. I am trying to find a shop that are willing to and have a solid training program. I am sure some of the pros here have went through similar process trying to break into trading career.
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    I see where the thought of spam or marketing tricks comes though. I should not have listed their web site info I suppose. I thought it will be in my best interest if seasoned traders could get clues I might miss by going to their web site.

    Thanks once again.
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    Did you even try using the search function on ET???
  10. ajtixs


    I met with them. didnt see anything special compared to other prop firms. I'm still searching for the best one, but its really hard to decide who to go with.
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