HELP!! Is there a alternitive to No-Signal? (e-signal)

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  1. I have had it. Years and years of torture at this pathetic performance!

    Charts are nice... Everything is nice.. except one thing.

    When the market has heavy volume, esignal slows down to a crawl...

    Its been this way for years and calling them over and over again fixes nothing.

    All of my daytrader friends have the same problem trading from home.
  2. Try DTN IQ, although they had a rough patch for a couple of months about 8 months ago. Do a search on ET. I use TransAct data and only trade futures. It's free.
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    I second the use of DTN/IQFeed, although I use MultiCharts for charting.
  4. I use esignal and had same problem with freezing. Solutions and suggestions that might help

    1. Have time templates for only data you need.
    2. You may have too many charts open.
    3. Is your computer processor big enough?
    3. Too many other applications running
    5. Do you have enough ram

    I still get a few freezes but nothing like I got before

  5. DTN IQ/Quotetracker is a great combo for the retail trader.

    Just remember, this is a capitalist system, so you can do what you want to in it, but if you want to stay with someone who doesn't give you what you need, you have absolutely NO ONE to blame but yourself (learned the lesson during my first - and only - marriage).

    You've been given some good advice here, for your sake, I hope you use it.

    Good trading,

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    How much DTN IQ cost per month?

  7. I) I think the basic IQ Feed portion of the DTN/IQFeed company is $20 + exchange fees if you are a subscriber to Quotetracker with the e-minis (ES, NQ, YM).

    II) Now, I have a seperate feed that I use to stream data into a spreadsheet via the QuoteIN software, so that bumps it up to $40 per + for me.

    III) In addition, if you trade any of the Ags, Metals, Currencies, Foreign markets, that will result in additional fees.

    IX) Finally, the full DTN version of the data feed includes various subscription services, so the price can go up from there.
    I've tried the whole gamut of feeds/services from them, found what I wanted, and am now a happy camper. They have something for everyone, you just have to figure-out what combination of services provides you with exactly what it is you're looking for.

    Good trading,

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    Completely agree with eSignal's datafeed problem when volume is heavy...

    If quotetracker has some sort of script language like EFS, esignal will be out of business...anything out there that uses another datafeed but has charting and script language (other than TS and neotick)?

  9. If Open ECry has what you need, the data and charts are FREE to customers. Normally I would cringe at free, but their stuff is very nice, esp the amount of data just readily available to you.
  10. I agree Quotetracker/IQfeed is what I use, however, I pay $74 a month for the basic service & emini data. But, the only time it slows down is when the market gets extremely busy, like once a month for 20 seconds. The rest of the time it is less than a second off of my Trading Technologies feed.
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