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  1. algonxt


    Hi all.

    I am trading Forex (spot) using couple of ATS system. Until now I developed my systems in TradeStation and traded with a medium size "market maker". After 2 years I am ready to upgrade since the (account size is not an issue))

    I need to chouse the platform that I am going to use... any tips ???

    HSFXI or CURRNEX or....?

    I need also to choose a prime broker (HSBC or UBS or Db or RBS..) Or I can trade with hotspot directly as a secondary prime broker what the main differences between the two options ?

    I want to move to much more advanced platform then Trade Station (for developing mainly & for order management) but there is allot of software out there. I liked the openquant since its "c" based…

    Progress Apama, athena, RealTick....

    alphacet, smartquant, clarifi, deltixlab....


    I would love to get some tips /Suggestions from exp' "algo traders" that already walked the road.

    Every comment will be much appreciated

    Thanks a lot...
  2. mlesch


    it depends on your requirements and style. If you are going to do high frequency trading and have the infra structure to support that then those platforms are a good way to go. If you are looking for algo trading that is not latency sensitive then these platforms may not provide value provided their costs (licencing, maintenance, upgrades, training and so on) .

    Best approach is contacting these companies and requesting a demo. Ask questions then ask for a testing period which sometimes is sold for a fixed amount and may be offered for free to institutions. That is the only way to know if that is what you NEED. Otherwise it is a costly toy that has more bills and whistles that you pay for than the value you get for your money.

    Good luck.
  3. My friend has made hundreds of thousands of $$$ in FX using just his bank accounts - not even a broker - no leverage at all - he trades spot at 100% face value and he has no platform, just a cellphone from his home in the south of France, he watches no screens, just and reads newspapers. Actually, I believe his profits come from those who pay too much attention to platforms but have no real edge. How can it come from anywhere else since FX is a zero-sum game?