Help! Is anyone having trouble accessing OpenECry?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ttosifa, Apr 19, 2007.

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    Starting from about 5 pm ET tonight, I have been unable to connect. OEC says it's my ISP, which is Comcast. Comcast says it's OEC. None of the Comcast technicians can access the site either. I have no problems accessing any other website.

    If you do not mind, would you try to access their website and let me know if you can? Particularly if you use Comcast as your ISP. Thanks in advance.

    Note: Both have been ultra-reliable for me, so this is very confusing.
  2. just call Keith up and ask...(800)920-5808

    no problem your link is working...

    I am trying to talk them into becoming sponsors here...wouldn't that be awesome!!!

    I would be more than happy to moderate their Forum...Of Course if the powers to be want me...
  3. ttosifa


    Called OEC twice. They say they have 200 traders on the system with no problems. I've got 4 different people on two different ISP systems who cannot access it. I'm stuck in the middle with no access to my account.

    Edit: They are really fantastic. I've been so happy with them. I suspect Comcast in this, but I just don't know enough to convince anybody to actually check their system.
  4. i dont know... try turning everything off and unplugging your modem for two minutes...

    They are on my Comcast modem in Colorado...

    I have a Qwest DSL as a back up...
  5. ttosifa


    Done and done. Plus reboot the computer. Seriously, it is 4 people within the Comcast system, so its not computer- or modem-specific.
  6. try it again...humor me...clear the cookies...too!
    and Thank you for calling ET customer support...would you please complete the short survey at the end of this call?


    but seriously I understand your trauma and i hate when these things happen...its a fricken emergency and can cause a real bad hair day...

    it will all sort itself out soon....keep trying!

    Do you have any open positions to manage?

  7. It is fine from here. No problems at all today.

    Cox cable....not Comcast

    Scottsdale, Arizona
  8. call Keith up tonight you guys and wake him up :) :)...tell him Electric told ya'

    Jake takes over after Keith...
  9. ttosifa


    Electric --

    What did you do? It's working again! Yea!

    Seriously, I did this twice -- it's practically a requirement to even get a tech to talk to you. No, thrice because the OEC tech asked me to do it too.

    It worked this time. Thanks!

    ps No open positions, thank god! Was thinking about opening one up -- now I gotta see how far it's gotten away.
  10. tell Open Ecry to contact Baron...

    Good News...Glad I could help...
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