Help! Interview questions for equity trader!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by wfleoli, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. wfleoli


    Hi,everyone. I am a fresh graduate. And I am going to apply a job for equity trader.

    And the firm wants me to answer the following questions in my covering letter:
    1£ºWhy do you want to become a Trader?

    2: What do you think would make you a successful Trader?

    Can anyone of you give me any advice how to answer these questions properly?

  2. Hi.

    Well if you REALLY DO want to become a trader, these questions shouldn't be too difficult.

    The first one is rather difficult.

    1/ Why do you want to become a trader?

    Because you enjoy it?
    Because you want a reasonable rate of return?

    2/ What makes you think you will be successful?

    Now this is a good question. How you respond depends on whether the fund is quantum based or fundies/discretionary?

    If it is quantum, then I would answer like this.
    *Because my approach is to have a great deal of confidence in my strategies before I trade them.
    *This confidence can only be obtained from extensive backtesting. Everything I do, every parameter I use in trading, has been tested and and quantified using correct validation techniques.
    *I don't trade on what i think is correct or right. I only use what has been proven to have worked in the past. If I cant backtest it, then I dont trade it.
    *My risk management is stringent. I risk only X% per trade and add only to my winning positions as the trend progresses.

    Just my opinion. But the response to the 2nd question should get you started.

  3. sim03


    Are you sure you want to be a trader? Q1 should not leave you drawing a blank, scratching your head and going to a public message board for help. Where's your passion, your drive, your yen? They'd better come across loud and clear in your answers. You eat-drink-sleep the markets... right? After all, trading is your mission in life... isn't it?

    Q1 A: "Because if I can't trade, that's not living."

    Q2 A: Pick up "The New Market Wizards" and read closely part VIII, Market Wiz(ar)dom. Pick 3 or 4 of your personal attributes and focus on those.

    Incidentally, are you working now? If so, doing what, exactly? If not, and you say you've already graduated, why would you be applying for jobs now, instead of in the beginning of your senior year? IOW, what's wrong with you? :)
  4. l2tradr


    Sounds like the questions asked by Swiftrade...don't worry, you'll get the "job" no matter what you say :p
  5. I had a pre-interview from Group One Trading in Chicago. Those exact questions were on the "survey".

    One of the questions asked during the interview was: "What is the probability of pulling 2 aces back to back out of a deck of cards."