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  1. I would appreciate any help in finding right broker...I like to trade pre and post market...Would like to start trading at 7am but where I am at doesnt start until 8am.. Went to IB, but no data on charts and time and sales window until 9.30 and ends at 4.
    Anyone know a firm that could help? Thanks in advance
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    transact futures , $ 3.42 rt and the chart only cost $ 50 per month , i think it's a real good deal . also , you can trade from the chart .
  3. thanks , but I am looking to trade stocks only
  4. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    IB has both the chart and T&S data outside 9:30 and 4:00. Perhaps you checked the RTH checkbox?
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    I use IB as one of my brokers for trader and trade stock pre and after via tws with no problem. Some of tws upgrades need to be modified to allow you to trade in the hours you require otherwise tws will only allow you to trade regular trading hours.
    IB support should be able to help you, you may want to execute a trade to guarantee it works as you need as I have found personally it took several attempts at modifing but once completed works fine.