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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mishwar, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. mishwar


    I manage a profit center in the East for a broker but my main focus is on building systems, optimization techniques for trading.

    I also write books, run a website, courses and newsletters.

    I have a team of MBA students and we've discovered some trade optimizing techniques using Elliot 3rd waves, patterns and Indicators.

    Can you please guide me on how to get a good break.

    Thanks in advance
  2. What exactly are you asking for.... a good break?
  3. mishwar


    By a good break I mean right from getting to train/teach/trade on contract.
    Even help on how to get opportunities to demo my techniques.

  4. mishwar


    ...... Just to add, we believe we've found systems that def work best for a particular time period. Scalping to day trading to swing to invest .. etc

    We have done actual trading with the systems. Of course the back bone for this is adding to winners, riding them and cutting out the loser early.

  5. Has this system been tested live for at least a year?

    Or are these just assumptions that you found something.

    A week or two ago you were asking about the taxes, so I'm assuming you haven't been testing live.

    Are you looking to sell this system?
  6. you're employed, with a number (unknown amount) of MBA's working for you...

    you are in the East...East of What?...

    you're successful in trading this anomaly...

    you're incapable of spelling out complete sentences to express what you're seeking help upon, to the extent that someone already asked you to explain yourself, and you still use these broken, incomplete phrase / words, as if its hip or cute or a quick abbreviation....

    you seek just too much.
    this site is for traders making their living FROM trading not leaching of each other.....

    hey, no offense, but you're half a globe away from your base....IOW, why would anyone want to help you here, really?