Help I`m stuck with this computer problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by peugeot205, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    Can someone please help me with this annoying problem? Since today every time I turn my pc on I get the “windows installer” box popping up. The box just stays there no matter what I do. I have no idea why the installer box pops up as I didnt want anything to be installed. I am not sure whether this has anything to do with the fact that this morning I gave my zonealarm firewall access to windows genuine advantage (which I have to do otherwise I wont be able to get any updates for windows XP pro). Any help would be gratefully received as this issue has stopped me from being able to work as normal on my pc. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bob111


    google your problem first-
    step #1 i would to-> click on start->run-> msconfig->startup->disable all

    step#2->after restart,if problem not been solved->task bar->task manager->anything spells close to intaller->write it down->close manager->control panel->administrative tools->servises->sort by status->explore carefully to find same process you wrote down from task manager->click on properties->startup type->manual or disable. restart->check once again.

    Backup your system first :D
  3. press the start button
    press the "run.." link
    type in services.msc

    find "Windows Installer"
    click on it, click "properties"
    then click "disable"

    next time, before you install a program, reset it to "manual"

    this is a recommended security measure regardless