Help, I know absolutely nothing about TA

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  1. What books do I need to read? Can you guys help me with a list of 5-10 books in order from beginner to advance level. If you own them and you believe it would help me, I would gladly pay for them.

    Thanks :)
  2. I have been trading strictly off the box for too long now. I am profittable now but want to add longer term daytrade/swingtrade to my style.

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    Trading as a Business @ Tradestation World is more of the same general mush that is totally useless and has been rehashed ad infinitum.

    Technical Analysis from A to Z is a good TA review from Equis@MetaStock site. It won't help you much, but you can at least sharpen up on technical jargon and indicators.

    The best freebie I know is right here on this site under "Training" - I am not associated with anyone here, but this is a useful and to the point summary. I would highly recommend it as a starter.

    Other than that you will have to shell out a few bucks. Hope that helps.
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    You've come to the right place...hardly any of us know anything about it...
  7. Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, Edwards and Magee, Oldtime classic on TA.

    Technical Analysis Explained : The Successful Investor's Guide to Spotting Investment Trends and Turning Points, Martin Pring. Theory and practice,more geared to investor who wants to apply TA

    Technical Analysis from A to Z : Covers Every Trading Tool...from the Absolute Breadth Index to the Zig Zag, Steven Achelis. Small Encyclopedia

    Trading for a Living, ALex Elder. TA and psychology, essential book by a shrink cum trader.

    Thomas Bukowski, Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns.

    "Japanese Candlestick Charting Methods", Steve Nison.

    Dynamic Trading: Dynamic Concepts In Time, Price and Pattern Analysis With Practical Strategies For Traders and Investors by Robert C. Miner

    This last one I have not read but plan to, but he has a great software program. Covers Fibonacci,Gann,and Elliot wave.

    And last but not least:

    "Why Hot Sexy Women Crave Stocks, Options, and Futures Traders", Dr
    Jimmy James, Ph.d.

    You will find many others (if you don't waste too much time tracking down the last one)

    Also, go to and visit the resources section,its loaded with different ta stuff.
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    btw Tampa, I am willing to pay just to read your journal. :) :) :) \
    Keepup the good work!
  9. another problem is a lot of us know a lot of TA but can't use it to save their lives.
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