HELP! i installed a new flat panel

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dafugginman, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. and the picture is shaking like it's on crack withdrawls!

    any ideas???????

    there are two different pronged connectors. one connects to the monitor port, but where does the other one go?
  2. The LCD probably supports two inputs (DVI and VGA), but you only use ONE of those depending on the video card you have. If you're using both connectors, then I'm not surprised on the outcome.

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  3. Have you tried changing the refresh rate? LCDs can't handle the high frequency that monitors can.
  4. sprinkling a little blow into the CPU?:eek:
  5. try the LCD's "Auto-Configure" feature. If it does
    not have one, adjust Clock / and or Phase accordingly.
    This should solve it.
  6. use the DVI connection if that does not work through it out the window and tape the reaction ! you might end up on americas funniest videos
  7. another possibility is of course something got fugged up a BIT, not?
  8. nitro


    You probably got a monitor that is capable of both VGA and DVI, and that is probably the confusion you are having over thinking that you need to attach both ports on the monitor to something. If your card supports DVI, that is the monitor port of choice on your monitor. If not, you MUST use the VGA connector. What type is the monitor?

    Assuming that the connections are correct, there are three possibilites:

    1) The driver for the monitor is not installed
    2) The driver is installed but it got damaged
    3) The driver got installed, is not damaged, but the refresh rate or the resolution is set wrong (most likely case)

    It hard to tell without seeing what is going on. Assuming you have win2k, the I suggest that you reboot the machine into "Safe Mode" and take a look. This is the way to do it (don't do delete anything unless you know what you are doing.)

    The other possibilty is to plug in the monitor that did work, install the driver for the NEW mintor, turn off the machine, re-atach new monitor, and see if that works.

  9. ah, thx for all of your help. according to tech support, it was the drivers for the video card. i actually received a new video card later in the day (another massive headache), so everything is all set, and never needed to bother with downloading the drivers. i bought a couple of the samsung 191Ts based on nitro and others recommendations , and am very, very happy with them.