HELP!! I have lost color RED from my screen

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  1. I am running Windows XP - pro and I have lost the color RED from my screen.
    Have tried a restore point but to no avail.
    I think that it happened after playing a game of solitaire.
    Your help would be much appreciated, since RED could well prove to be the color of the day.
  2. Same happened to me few years back. It's a hardware(monitor) issue. Time for a new monitor.
  3. in the meantime, if you're using IB (and prolly other programs, too), you can configure your software so that losses and down bars are a color other than red.
  4. Are you sure that your monitor cable isnt loose - its quite possible to lose one of the three colors (RGB) if a pin isnt making the connection. Try jiggling and then swapping VGA cables and if that doesnt work try swapping monitors. If neither helps then it probably is the video card.
  5. You are correct, it is the monitor.
    I run twin monitors and it is the lead monitor that is failing, the slave monitor is OK.
    Am I looking at a death in the family or is it only badly wounded?
  6. You can throw your card and monitor (remove the stand) in the dishwasher with those new gel capsules by Electrosol...
  7. You are not helping my day ES, however it does raise the question of backup screens.
    In fact it does make me revisit the whole question of redundancy
  8. Ebo


    Don't trade when the market is down!
  9. scuse' the attempt at humor point was one of them are fried...

    I have completed my redundency project...but something may creep up.

    Michael B.

  10. You will die laughing at this one .... it turned out to be dust.
    I live in Buenos Aires ( carbon capital to the western world) and have had my leg in plaster for a while.Consequently my PC has been unserviced for several months and when I got down to it this morning and gave it a good vac ... hello the colour came back. Dont ask me how, maybe it was just the connections plus the dust.
    Anyway the morale of this story is this.....
    1... I am going to buy an air scrubber today.
    2... I was going to replace my 2* 17" monitors with one 32". Now I will keep the 2*17s" and add a 24" instead.
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