Help- hp or dell?

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    Im trying to decide b/w hp dv8ooot and dell E1705, any suggestions?
  2. I think the HP is a little cheaper. Dell's standard options are a little bit lower quality so its a bit deceiving. Also trying to decide on a PDA im thinking a TX I need it to monitor my court appointments. Does anyone trade on a PDA I think IB might have a mobile client.

    I'm also thinking about the XPS M2010 luggable which would so fit my lifestyle of moving between multiple flat surfaces to work. But the 3500 is kinda pricy.

    Anyway my two cents.
  3. I have bought only dells for home and business for 10+ years.

    I just ordered a relative 2 HP machines; a desktop and a laptop. They came in a bit cheaper for the same configuration And I have not been happy dealing w/ dell customer service for the last few years.

    Also, I found this in an online post - if you order the HPs through there is a 6 month no questions asked return policy if things don't work out. I priced customized HPs there and through hpshopping and the prices were about the same but the 6 month policy is a "no lose" from my perspective. I couldn't believe that this would end up being the best place to buy a new high end computer but it ends up being a great security blanket in case you don't like what you get.
  4. (1) Dell customer service has become a complete fiasco in the last few years.
    Once a corporate culture becomes corrupt... it can never, ever be fixed.

    (2) All Dell computers are very proprietary. I have 5 Dells and all 5 power supplies are different and incompatible.

    (3) When I needed a new power supply worth maybe $50 retail... Dell said 14 days, $140, and $100 for shipping a 5 pound item. Can you say "gouging"? You can get the same Dell power supply on EBay for $25 and have them ship it overnight.

    (4) Goodbye Dell. I will never deal with or speak to anyone associated with Dell again.
  5. You are just a Dell hater [understandable] but waaaay off base.

    1. You're mostly correct about customer service and tech support. But if you're fairly computer savvy, you won't need much support anyway.

    2. Dell's are NOT "very proprietary". Their systemboards still are and don't fit properly into other cases, but why in the hell would anyone with half a brain want to make such a swap? Dell has been using ATX standard PSU's since at least 2000.... available anywhere at regular prices. Virtually EVERYTHING else about Dell components are "off the shelf". (One thing about the PSU.... Dell's do not have an on-off switch and the back plate of the PC does not accommodate a PSU that has one. Therefore, one would need to buy a PSU without a switch or use a hacksaw to cut a small piece out of the case backplate to make room for the switch. I did so one one of mine... took about 20 minutes... and now can accommodate all PSUs.)

    Years ago, I thought I'd "never own a Dell". Then once when I was in the market for a new computer, Dell had "an offer I couldn't refuse". Since then, I've had 5 Dells and like them very much. The only thing I've had fail on one of my Dells was an optic drive. It was still under warranty and Dell replaced it promptly.
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    Dell has good deals. On some model, it's quiet because the PSU has a fan controller, and won't turn on the fan untill it's warm enough. This could cause heat build up in the hard drive. Just add a cooler to your hard drive for less than 10 bucks and you will be fine for a long time.
  7. dell's laptop repair service is excellent.
    i have no opinion on their customer service b/c i 've only dealt with them over email.

    they send you a box, and you mail it in w/2day prepaid service.

    i sent my laptop in on a friday & got it back on tuesday of next week. yes! the problem was fixed!

    talking about great turn around time.


  8. Having owned many dells.....low end and high end.....I am not sure I would buy another one. You are better off going to a local shop and having them put together a machine for you, IMO. You will get better quality components, and a better machine at nearly the same price, or just slightly more. My main machine was made 3 years ago and it performs better than any of the dells I bought in the last 3 years.

    Now laptops are a different story, I have an inspiron 9300, and it is a great computer, a little heavy, but has everything I need to trade while on the road.
  9. I would recommend a Dell, all my desktop/laptops from 2000 on were from Dell. I am computer savage, so I never have to call their customer/tech support except for one time. My computer was fried during a thunderstorm while I left town. The day I came home, I gave Dell a call, and they sent someone to my home within 48 hours, and replaced all the hardware that were demaged during the storm. No question asked. Make me a very happy customer.

    And another thing, can't beat their price.
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