Help! How much did I just lose!?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Relleum, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Relleum


    Today is the first day that my new IB account is funded. So I was exploring through TWS, and as a test after hours, I placed several limit orders for US equities, updating the limit amounts *SEVERAL* times, and cancelling and replacing the limit order at least 10 times.....

    ....Then i realized that they charge to cancel/modify?!?!?! If this is the case, I probably blew at least $50 in 10 minutes for no reason!

    I'm looking all over TWS and account management, and I can't find a report that breaks down what i just did!

  2. your current account balance should show the accrued charges or worst case tomorrow's account balance will be updated to account for the charges.
  3. Relleum


    so I definitely screwed up? Where can I find the exact rules so I don't mess up again?
  4. LT701


    i thought charge for changes was only for options

    do they do this for equities and futures too??????
  5. Relleum


    Can someone help? I have a huge limit order and i'm reluctant to change the limit price because I don't know what I am paying!
  6. Ebo


    You may have blown 1/2 your account!
  7. tef8


    For stocks it's not that expensive, ton o changes every day and i received a 5 buck charge (one time for all day).
    Probably not a big deal unless you change options - that's expensive!
    ps - surf their website for the charges
  8. If you have a HUGE limit order out there, why are you panicking over possibly $50?

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  10. Relleum

    Relleum that "0.12/Cancel or modify order" per share or per action?

    I thought it was per share!

    Hehehe, that is too funny..

    Let's see, 2500 shares, about 25 changes:

    2500 x 25 x .012 = $750.00 dollars

    ok, this is my single allowance of a newb-panic-retarded-forum-post for 2007.

    It wont happen again.

    Until 2008.
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