Help here, this is weirding me out...Dont follow suit

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by acronym, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Anyone getting the add on virgin, the running thing on hotmail messenger, windows live etc?
    Bottom of the window, suits running across the screen, followed by some other guy looking the other way?

    The suits, followed by some other guy, not in a suit, etc.

    "Dont follow suit" campaign, i dont know.

    Can i take a screenshot of a banner add like that, or otherwise capture an image like that?
  2. I realise my thread here, is not too old, like, 30 seconds here, but this isn't good enough-this has been on for a while, i would just like to capture the image,if possible.
  3. If you don't have screen-capture s/w like SnagIt, you could capture your entire desktop with PrtSc key (w/out Alt), paste into Paint, then erase everything but the banner area.
  4. Brilliant-i didnt know printscreen could do that, except for one thing-
    the image is there for a tiny fraction of a second, how do you manage that?

    Is anyone else getting this add, you've seen it yeah?
  5. Thanx late apex, i think i got it, recently got (great free program BTW)as well, perhaps i will figure this stuff out one day.
  6. Just the weirdest thing, ive been seeing this banner add for a while, on hotmail/windows live etc, and it just occured to me after a while.............

    Some doppleganger, maybe? Thats a hUUUUUUUge coincidence, it just struck me as kinda odd.