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  1. Am a first time poster on any forum so please pardon any goofs. Am totally inapt where technology is involved.
    Have traded since before the internet - only Telex and landline phone at that time. Life was much simpler!!!

    Recently lost my Tech savvy helper, so now seeking an individual familiar with trading and use of Ninjatrader 8 and ThinkorSwim, to help setup/configure and possibly maintain as needed, my trade platforms.
    *** No programing skills required - only help and guidance via Skype and Teamviewer.
    *** First task is to attach NinjaTrader8 to my ThinkorSwim trade platform + install a custom Renko Bar EA.
    *** Seeking a long term, synergistic relationship, goal being a new Money Management venture for Central America in the near future.

    Most happy to pay (PayPal) for time spent or per visit via Teamviewer.
    Please respond to rscr@ymail with a convenient time for a meeting.

    Purra Vida,
  2. Fonz


    No offence, but it seems the near future should be.. very soon :D
  3. Yes soon but first some prove-up required. Due to past extensive real estate investment history have well healed contacts. My handicap is inability to navigate/work with technology.
  4. RedDuke


    I can help you for free to set up. Just send me a private message, When you have all ready: live ninja key, broker access and etc. It will not take more than 1 hour.

    do not give me or anyone who ends up helping you, live account password. You can just type it in during live session. It is masked as you type it.

    honestly though, this is so simple that I am a bit surprised, but will help out.
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  5. Overnight


    Maybe you can also teach him/her how you can just automatically login without having to type the password every time. That's technology from the 1990s. Shouldn't be too hard for him/her to grasp. Good luck.
  6. RedDuke


    of course :) but first time it needs to be typed or pasted.
  7. Red Duke, your offer is much appreciated. Have already accepted help from another source. Will wait to see how it works out. If not will come to lean on you.
    Thank you again,
    Purra Vida,