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  1. Hi all. I recently started grad school (MBA in Finance) and I have a statistics class where I have to conduct a survey about how much University students (any level) spend for lunch. Since I also work I don't spend much time on campus and usually have to rush to class... this is my somewhat lazy excuse why I only partially conduct the survey on campus. I need a high volume of responses so I'm trying all venues.

    So if you're a University student can you tell me how much you spend for lunch, do you eat on or off campus and whether you are male or female?

    I appreciate it.
  2. At University Nigeria, most week I spend 10k to buy cigarettes, bread onibeji, cooked beans, a cold drink (eyi to ti sewon - very cold) and bring have some change.
  3. I'd like to help out if I can.

    For your question, my estimate is $1.67-$2/day for lunch, male, and I (would) eat on campus. It's not campus food, I make my own lunch, but I (would) sit in the cafeteria or somewhere on campus.

    Note: I graduated a long time ago and don't attend now, but I watch university lectures online (eg MIT open course ware). I learn a lot and enjoy the courses more than when I was a student. I hope this qualifies me and you can still use my info for your project, and wish you the best of luck on it. The price estimate is current, and the (would) is what I did back then and would still do today.
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  5. Thanks everyone.

    Lornz do you really spend $20 for lunch while being a student?
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    Yes, I live in Norway and living costs are substantially higher here. I also trade for a living and I'm only going back to school to further my knowledge about quantitative finance.