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Discussion in 'Forex' started by FlamE, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Sorry guys I just heard about this forex stuff... and i started reading what was all about.. and i really liked it... im i may give it a try for a while

    The thing is that reading all your post I see that there are lots of places where to start with "a small account", and of course some of them with different tools and so..

    I just opened a "test account" on and everyting has been going really smooth.. I now know how this works.

    So I want to start a new account small account.. can u tell me where is one of the best places to do this??...

    Thanks for the help :)
  2. I've been demo'ing with Oanda and just opened an account with them.

    No minimums (I just opened a $500 test account), no fixed lot sizes (you can trade 1 unit to whatever), nice pip spreads, no commissions, and interest calculated by second.

    Doesn't get much better than that.
  3. FlamE


    Yeah I saw some people talking about Oanda in soem threads ... my take a look =D

    And soem other question im really not into understanding all the weird terms u use...

    Whats a pip?? :D
  4. Ebo


    The Puerto Rican Independence Party (Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (PIP) in Spanish) is a Puerto Rican political party that campaigns for the independence of Puerto Rico from the United States.

    Those who follow the PIP ideology are called independentistas (usually called pro-independence activists by English speaking media) or pipiolos.

    ***un "PIP"= una "Tick"
  5. Open account with Oanda, buy EUR-USD or GBP-USD for long term…
    What else you need to know?
  6. FlamE


    Well Oanda looks like the way to go...

    since they have no min i should still be able to go for an account with $250 =D

    Thanks a lot for your help
  7. traderob


    This is why ET is such an incredible resource. Expert knowledge available for every question:D
  8. In your first post you claimed you "Now know how this works" and now you ask what is a pip??
  9. Let me turn off the comedy canal. It looks like is going to be more fun here…
  10. LOL ... Yes, hurry up and open a live account before you even know what a pip is.
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