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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Haroki, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, as a new trader tired of seeing the 401k disappear down the crapper, I have been looking at software that can help me with my decision making. I realize that the majority of you don't need or trust that kind of help, but I sure could use it. I also have an inherent distrust of these programs, but I think it would help me with the learning curve if I can understand why such and such is recommended.

    What can you recommend ?

    My favorites to date is: Best Choice, Omnitrader, Wizetrade, and Tradestation.

    Any help or insight would be appreciated.

  2. Haroki,

    I have found the the pairs trading strategy is helpful because it is market neutral and therefore much harder to make really bad decisions. I subscribe to a site called and it has been great. I use both their newsletter and their software and have been finally making money. Check it out.

    If you hear of any good order entry software, let me know.

  3. :confused: Damn, they must think we are dumb...
  4. I trust you're not referring to my comment.
  5. I am a trainer in Omnitrader, Wizetrade & Tradestation. If you'd like PM me and we can chat. :)

  6. I am referring to any vendors that come on this site, try to infiltrate and act like a fellow trader when they are not - their sole agenda is to sell their product or service.

    Usually they have a very small post count.

    There are some real traders that also happen to be affiliated with a product or service but the ones with class tell people that up front -

    Only you know what your real motives are.
  7. I have noticed the same thing, but I'm not what you think... just new here. I've had a lot of success, at least relative to where I was before, and thought I'd share. I guess if you think I'm a vendor, ignore me. If you do have thoughts on the pairs trading strategy or some alternative sites, I'd be very interested to hear about them.
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    Avoid it like the plague.
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