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  1. It's a testament to Baron, the moderators, and all of the participants of ET that I have this problem. I check ET only a few times a day and often find that the Home Page list of the 20 most recent postings is completely lit up with the unread ("new or updated") flags. Finding unread posts number 21 and up is hard, because I have to go to the Forum view and often have to delve into the individual forums, especially the hyperactive "Trading" forum.

    My suggestion is to move the "most recent book review" feature to the left side and expand the Home Page list of recent posts to have 30 or 40 items. This will help me and other EOD readers of ET find more of the recent unread posts. Admittedly, this solution will only work for a few months until ET passes umpteen thousand members and is posting more volume than the NYSE.:)

    Thanks for creating such a great place.

  2. just21


    Good idea. the book review could be moved to the left to make the list longer.
  3. Minime


    Good idea, it might not look as balanced but be more functional.
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    good thinking
  5. Allow the Recent Thread list to be customized. You could choose between several options:
    • display only those threads that you have "subscribed" to
    • display the threads with recent posts only by your own personal list of other members whose posts you take an interest in
    • display all threads
    • threads whose only new posts since your last login are from people on your Ignore List would be flagged with a red X
    Customize Recent Post option could look like this:

    Display Subscribed threads  Yes  No
    AND  OR 
    Display new Buddy List posts  Yes  No

    Checking "Yes, AND, Yes" would only display your subscribed threads with new posts from your "friends" list
    Checking "Yes, OR, Yes" would display all subscribed threads with recent posts plus all other threads with recent friends list posts
    Checking "Yes, No" would show all subscribed threads with new posts
    Checking "No, Yes" would show all threads with new posts from your friends list
    Checking "No, No" would show all threads with new posts
  6. How'd you make those checkboxes?
  7. צפأفؤר

    ⅓ ⅜ ⅞



    You use "&" and then "#" and then a universe ascii symbol thing. Check your Character Map under Accessories -> System Tools
  8. Aphie -

    Back in the days of DOS we used to use the numeric keypad to get all the high-bit ASCII's like line-drawing and fractions.
  9. TGregg


    Or how about being able to subscribe to a forum, rather than a thread?
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    Is this a coded Al Qaeda message? :p
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