HELP! eSignal won't run on my comp. anymore! :(

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  1. this is the first time this has ever happened to me. i've been using eSignal for years.

    last night as i was using esignal, there was some error. no error message popped up, but i heard a error message sound and eSignal wouldn't close. i had to do CTRL+ALT+DEL to end the task.

    i have win xp pentium 4. i have no other problems, but now eSignal won't run. :(!!!!

    i have tried uninstalling it, reinstalling it. i've tried uninstalling it and then installing in another folder. what happens is, i double click eSignal, then my hard drive does something, but then it just never runs. after i double click on it, if i do CTRL+ALT+DEL, i can see winsig listed, but after a while it disappears from the list.

    i have tried eSignal on another computer and it works fine. so it's not my internet or anything.


  2. also, sometimes the eSignal program will come up, but it's all messed up and really slow. i have to do CTRL+ALT+DEL to exit, and when i do, it lists 99% under CPU for winsig.

  3. There is a description somewhere on ET for 'completely' uninstalling Esignal. It was from one of the Esignal staff around 4 months ago. If you just do a normal uninstall there are some files left over. It may be one of these files that is corrupted. If I can find the link I will post it. You may try doing a search for it though.

    EDIT: Instructions

    ESignal 7.2 Complete Uninstall/Reinstall Procedure

    Uninstall Procedure:

    Before you remove the program, ensure that the files you normally use have been moved to a different folder (ex. My Computer or a 3.5 Floppy). If you don't do this, these uninstall procedures will remove those files and your data will be lost. Those files would be quote, chart, ticker, portfolio, etc.

    1. Ensure that your eSignal software is closed and not running, including your Data Manager.
    2. Click on the START button (bottom left of your PC).
    3. Click on Settings.
    4. Click on Control Panel.
    5. Click on Add/Remove Programs Icon.
    6. Look for and highlight eSignal. (if there are multiple occurrences, please remove them all)
    7. Click Add/Remove button.
    8. Exit Program removal screen and then exit Control Panel.
    9. The following files and folders need to be deleted after this.
    dbcapi.dll (only delete from eSignal folders)
    “eSignal” folders and all content
    “dbc” folders and all content

    These files can be deleted through Windows Explorer or through Find All Files/Folders. Ensure that it is looking at the C: drive or My Computer and click Find Now (windows 98). When an occurrence is found, right click on the file and click on Delete. (it will ask if you want this to go to the Recycle Bin, click Yes/OK).

  4. Rock -

    When you uninstall it, manually search and remove winsig.* and winros.* files from C:\ and its subdirectories..

    I find 2-4 files each that aren't removed by esig's removal utility. Then do another fresh install.
  5. guys, thanks. i'm gonna try those suggestions.

    i came back to post a screenshot of an error message i get sometimes (when i run eSignal).

  6. this seems strange...

    when i go to add/remove programs, eSignal is listed as being like under 2MB?!


    THANKS, macal425 AND Tech Analysis!

  8. Rock -

    You got it. I had the same shit a year ago and removing ALL related files is the only way to go. It seems there are errant winros and winsgi files that totally screw up the works. Go figure.