Help...Drive mapping on win 2000

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Digs, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Digs


    OS is win 2000

    I have a new mother board, with two harddrives one 20g and one 40g.

    I wanted the 40g to be the c: and 20g to be the d

    This is what Win 2000 did to me on automatically.

    C: 20g
    D: cd rom

    Winnt was installed on e:

    I have a P4PE motherboard, it tells me the HD drive on E is my master and the C is the slave. Cant see how BIOS will let me change drive maps. Can i re map them on re install windows from scatch.

    I understand that there is no technically advantage to switch drives around, but I want to have them like this

    e:cd rom

    How do I do it ???
  2. gnome


    Not sure this will work...
    1. Make the 40g the Master on the Primary IDE cable
    2. Make the 20g the Master on on the Secondary cable
    3. Make the CD_R the Slave on the Secondary cable.

    Set the jumpers and restart :D
  3. Digs


    thx for help...

    My bios tells me

    Primary master is 40g
    Primary slave is 20g
    secondary master nothing
    secondary slave cd rom

    how do i move primary slave to secondary master, BIOS does not seam to allow it to happen, do I have to change something else where ???

  4. gnome


    Have you set your 20g's jumper to "primary" and put it on the lead postion of the Secondary UDMA cable + attached the CD-R to slave postion on Secondary cable? ... (If both of your HD's are on the same cable, I don't think there is any way you can get the setup you want.)
  5. Digs


    that will be it, the blonker at the shop did that...

  6. gnome


    Nanni? (Japanese for "huh"? What's a "blonker") :D
  7. Digs


    How i fixed it,

    The cable had two drives connected to a primary slot, I unplugged the 20g, did the install, windows put it at c:\, then after installed completed, re plugged 20 gig.