Help! Does anybody trade with this kind of setup?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ranger64, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. i´m looking for datasoftware which enables me to look at tick data of several hours at the same time in one screen without having to scroll (not only ticks of the last ten minutes or one hour).
    my current data-provider (taipan-realtime) seems to be the only software where i can do this.
    problem with taipan-realtime is that emini-futures data is delayed by about one to four seconds at least.
  2. amiindew


    NinjaTrader can do this easily....however the numbers of hours viewable depend on your tick size and total volume traded. For example, NT shows 5 to 6 hours of an 133 tick chart on a busy day and more than a full session for a slow day. With either a TT or ZenFire connection you should have no delay at all.