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Discussion in 'Forex' started by parocorp, May 28, 2004.

  1. parocorp


    Hello Folks,

    I'm trading on Forex for 3 month now and it's a gift from heaven. It's much easier to trade as futures (in my opinion).

    I have build my little "trading system" which results in quick and fast 10-20 pips profits intraday. 3-4 times a day. Losses are very rare (till yet).

    Now... I need two things:

    1. Forex EOD / intraday data which I can use in MS Excel.
    2. Which way is the easiest way do define an "If - Then" System in Excel, based on formulas I want to add to Excel... With an "get" button I want to refresh the data in the sheet as well...

    That's the plan so far, I'm not sure if it's possible to set up somethin like this...

    I searched my ass of on the web but the only thing I find is $$$ trading system vendors who want me to buy their neuronal bullshit trading software...

    I want to realize it in Excle and it should be a pritty simple thing where I can add or delete single "patterns".

    Excel should jumpt to the line, where an defined pattern was recognized and highlight it...

    Is something like this realisctic ?

    Maybe just on an end of day basis...?

    Who is using an "system approach" on the forex market and may answer me his expirience... What works / not...

    Thanks in advance and good trades @ all !

  2. nodelta


    Use the webquery function to post a quote request to yahoo.

    You can code the if then as cell functions, or write them in VBA.

    It's doable.
  3. chaos



    Dukascopy has both live intraday and historical data in CSV format at various intervals, including EOD.

    Go to worksmarts to get a free datadownloader, Forex/CSV Data Downloader, that works on Dukascopy. It lets you download multiple currencies simultaneously. It's a very cool tool because at the Dukascopy site you have to download the currencies one at a time.

    Go here to get a live data feed you can link to Excel.

    Good luck,

  4. Once you get the links and data, just about anything can be done with Visual Basic for Excel. You would need to be more specific for me to suggest how.

  5. chaos


    Clearly, I was smoking something when I wrote that the Forex/CSV Data Downloader lets you download multiple currencies simultaneously. :confused:

    That's not true - it downloads one at a time, which is all that Dukascopy permits. Still a worthwhile tool, however.