Help Cant Open Accont On Ib

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  1. hey guy this would be big help if anyone can tell me how to open a cutodian account for interactivebrokers (IB)

    Explanation: I want to open an account I had entered all of my dads info and then when I went to put in my info they said i have to be 2 or older to open an account................come on give me a break im sick of scottrade please oh please will some one help me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You can not open an account unless you are old enough to ride a bicycle with 2 wheels only....
  3. Listen I was trading for 2 years now on Scottrade and I know what I am doing but why cant I open account on IB??????
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    If you can blow smoke rings out of The Bong that's good enough for me.
  5. LOL but guys you still didnt help me come on
  6. Millions of people have successfully opened an account with IB. Try reading the instructions again.

  7. No I really did I am trying to open a joint account but somehow I have to be 21 or older even if I am opening it with my dad. When I called earlier today the lady said it was fine to open it but somehow it is not that easy.

    Thanks again
  8. I know there is guy from IB posts on this site sometimes maybe he can help????????????
  9. Nevermind , I got it, you suppost to open friend & family account...................welll thanks for nothing lol just kidding really thx
  10. =============
    You may want to double check your work, both trading & writing;
    your first post didnt make much sense.May be you meant 21 instead of 2. Hope this helps.

    IB is excellant:cool:
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