help! cannot sleep well -- wake up too early...

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  1. Hi all,

    I guess my mind/brain is kind of too sensitive, I keep thinking of winning and losing trades and the broad financial markets. And also I work too much during the day, staring at the monitor for too long. My problem is that when I am not working, or when I intend to relax, my brain/mind wouldn't relax, it keeps thinking of unnecessary things and it thinks too much. My brain/mind gets overly-excited too easily. As a result I couldn't sleep well -- I could fall asleep, but I wake up too early, my effective sleeping hours are about 4-5 hours, although I allocate about 8 hours to sleep each day. This makes the second a mess for me. I feel tired and I feel fatigue and I couldn't focus and think sharply...

    Anybody experienced the same thing and any suggestions on how to improve my quality of life?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Dude, you need to get laid.
  3. Are you excercising daily (preferably in morning)?

    Exercise is key to putting mind and body in balance so they are ready for proper sleep and wake cycles.
  4. this does not necessarily work.

    i have the same problem. one thing i noticed is that i sleep much better on Fri, and Sat nights. the anxiety seems to come from the the fact that i have to trade the following morning.
  5. I guess what I really meant was get laid with a live-in girl friend with a steady, good-paying job.

    Imagine the sleepless nights working for the man, being a wage slave, worrying about getting canned.
  6. My 2 cents:
    1. Lower the risked amount of capital to your comfortable level;
    2. Write down what ever is in your mind;
    3. Mumble to someone your can trust whatever in your mind;
    4. Take a shower before going to bed;
    5. Gym work;
    6. Take a walk before bedtime;
    7. Get laid;
    8. Avoid uncomfortable food or drink before bedtime;
  7. It's time for a vacation away from the markets.

    Simply, take a real vacation and if your sleeping habits improve...

    It implies your work is too stressful and you can't shut down properly when the trading day is over.

    If that's the case...reduce your trading, exercise more (join a gym or go for long fast walks).

    Also, improve your eating habits and having sex more often helps too.

    A blow job during a slow period of the trading day takes away a lot of tension.

    The above usually fixes any insomnia that occurs later at night.

  8. Getting married saps your testosterone

    * 18 October 2007
    * Magazine issue 2626

    TESTOSTERONE gradually declines with age, right? Not for the Ariaal - subsistence pastoralists living in northern Kenya. They experience a decline in levels of the male hormone only when they get married. The finding provides a social and evolutionary explanation for the decrease in testosterone, rather than an age-related one.

    Ariaal men remain single "warriors" until they are around 30, at which time they marry one or more women. Peter Gray of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and colleagues measured testosterone in 205 Ariaal men and found that those with one wife had lower levels of the hormone than unmarried men, and men with more than one wife had the lowest levels of all (Current Anthropology, DOI: 10.1086/522061). "Testosterone levels are lower among married men probably because they are investing less in mating effort," he says. Or to put it another way, they no longer have to ...>>

    don't have access to the full article.

    also see some discussion on testosterone and trading here:
  9. What do you do besides trading?

    Get a hobby or something...

    trading should give you the lifestyle you want, not become your lifestyle.

    My 2 cents...

  10. ammo


    go to bed flat and only trade the openings, its summer , you wont miss much
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