Help Calculating Index Futures daytrading Profits

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  1. I don't trade futures but I want to know if someone can explain to me how much someone made if they say that they traded the S&P Futures Eminis -

    They traded 5 contracts and made 13 points in one day .
    How much did the 5 contracts cost and How much did they need to have in their account ? How much profit did they make ?

  2. He said points not ticks

    12.5 x 5 x 52 (13 points x 4 ticks / point ) = $3,250 / day not including commission.
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    Just wanted to throw it out there that 13 points a day is pretty ambitious.
  5. Ok ... So if its $50 per point and you have 5 contracts plus 13 points

    Thats 50 x 5 x 13 = $3250

    So are you saying that all you need is $5000 in your account to trade with 5 contracts ?

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    Depends on your broker. Some charge $5k per contract and some charge $500 per contract intraday.
  7. It's possible they made 0 profit if that was 13 pts. gross, and they did 163 round turns with 5 contracts each.
  8. here is a site S&P E-mini or S&P 500 Futures Contract Explained
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    Almost ... It's $5k per contract. But that can change with little notice. Also, your broker will get alarmed if you put a large portion of your account value at risk. I would not recommend going much over 20-25%. If you get an adverse move, you will have to come up with more cash FAST, or your broker will dump your position at a big loss. Leverage is why people say it is so risky to trade futures and options.
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