Help Buying 19" flat panels

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by millydog, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. I am looking to buy three 19" flat panels. Last nite I went to CompUsa, Best Buy, and elswhere and couldn't find anything under $360 bucks.

    I went to Dell's site and they got these things as cheap as $215.

    I know you get what you pay for, however does anyone think the Dell monitors will be good enough for charting and stuff.

    I mean how much difference will it make if I get the cheap ones as opposed to these others. I don't mind spending more money but I doo mind paying for stuff that won't make much difference.

    A total cost =1080 + tax
    B total cost = 645 + tax and 50 dollars total shipping

    Big cost difference, what about quality.

    19" LCD for 149.99

  3. Thanks

    But what about quality. How much difference between expensive ones and cheap ones.

    I know if you are a gaming freak or watching movies it does but what about looking at esignal all day. will it make a difference worth justifying the ost.
  4. Some people say they can notice, but me...Not one bit!

    I have a DELL 19" and a NEC 19" and BENQ 19" - Big price diff, but they both seem pretty much the same to me.

    If you care about quality, then buy the more expensive one.

  5. don't even look anymore. i've bought and priced them all and nothing beats the dell 1907 ulatrasharp. i ahve 5 and they'r eunbeatable for quality and price. check on this board and you'll see all love them. if you check sites like that list the coupons for dell you can get them incredibly cheap. 3 weeks ago they ahd there best deal ever. the 1907 including tax and free shipping were $250 each which noibody can touch for ahigh quality
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    i bought one 17" from them for $139 after rebate. works fine so far. no dead pixels. the drawback-only one is allowed per address. and many models doen't have DVI(but this one for $129 does). don't think you will notice any difference between some good brand and no brand. and i bet many of them made from same components.
  7. Check out reviews on cnet

  8. you can believe those reviews are believe the people on here. i have the 1907's and love them. i also have the 2007 fp which is awesome. but again make your own choice
  9. What about faulty pixels?
    Any relationship to price?