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  1. JP_co


    Hey guys,

    Looking to build my first PC which would basically be used for trading and normal day to day web browsing, no real high performance gaming.

    I recently picked up a new Intel DP67BG motherboard and i7 2700k chip for $200 total and am looking to build the rest around these components.

    I currently use a 5 year old Dell XPS 700 to support a 4 monitor setup at 1900 x 1200 resolution but the setup is starting to show its age and struggles when switching charts quickly on esignal and loading indicators/formulas.

    Any advice on components to use for a trading platform would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to have support for an 8 monitor setup down the line.
  2. Where did you pick up $500 worth of Motherboard & CPU for only $200?
  3. That mobo has 2, x16 slots. You should be able to run 2, quad-port video cards for 8 monitors... something like the Nvidia Quadro NVS 420 or 450... and others.
  4. Bob111


    yeah..good question..and why so much power for day to day browsing? some basic $50 AMD dual core and cheap $ 40 mobo will fit for this task perfectly...OP kind of like me..riding on CBR600RR to the liquor store and back in 25mph town
  5. you have a cup holder on your CBR600RR?
  6. I lol'd at this.

    I went to Daytona Bike week one year and you wouldn't believe how many bikes had cup holders on them.
  7. Bob111


    who need a cup holdr,when you can have this-


    fill it up at your local liquor store and you are ready to go :D :D
  8. JP_co


    Intel ran a holiday promotion for employees of its retail partners that bundled the 2 products for $250. A friend of mine got the offer intending to build his own box but then decided against it and offered them to me for $200.
  9. 1. Go to bestbuy

    2. find computer you like.

    3. buy it.

    4. trade. make money

    you dont need a custom built computer to trade. I don't know how you got to that conclusion. :) I trade on a 2009 laptop.
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