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    armaniman: “Finally, I look at every trade I made that day, noting all of them in which I felt I traded less than optimally. I attempt to reconstruct every less than optimal trade I make in detail, to see just how I might have improved, and what I can learn from it.”

    You, sir, are a Trading God. :) Every trader who wishes to improve would do well to emulate your actions.

    “Perhaps other traders could post any routines they follow after regular trading hours.”

    For those of you who are interested:

    1) While the day is fresh in my mind I evaluate my trades and my performance (emotionally and technically). Additionally, I scrutinize setups I chose not to pursue or I am currently evaluating so I may improve, adapt, or add to my arsenal.

    2) I observe my recorded indicator readings and the markets behavior during these times. The interaction helps me to gauge market sentiment and it’s severity or lack thereof.

    3) I examine a number of custom and standard indicators on the daily TF to develop a loose feel for potential market direction and to keep abreast of significant developments.

    4) I then scan each TF (5m-D) of the markets listed below for recognizable patterns.

    5) I also note key S/R levels on ES, NQ, US, SPX, DOW, NDX, SOX, and selected first tier stocks comprising each index.

    6) I determine if any relevant and/or anticipated economic news is due the next day.

    7) I begin developing scenarios based on the information I have at hand. Some are specific but most are broad and intended only to guide my overall directional bias should they come to pass.

    8) Finally, the next morning, I evaluate the overnight session’s volume and S/R as well as any new news.

    That’s it for now. If I’ve missed something, I’ll edit it in later.
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