help: best data bank for back testing?

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  1. where do you get the best ticker datas for back testing strategies? how much does it cost?

    mainly for stocks and options

  2. rosy


    i have a large database of stocks, futures, rates, fx. if there is interest i could set up something.
  3. lrm


    I'd be interested. What source is the forex data from?


  5. john30


  6. spoofy


    thats really cool.. on the downside they dont have forex or futures data
  7. The name is Tickdata, actualy they don't have any tick data
  8. ethos


    I'm using IQFeed / DTN.IQ. They have good API. But they limit the amount of days you can go back.
  9. ?? Actually, tick data is exactly what they do have if we are talking about I have purchased a lot of data from them - they are very good & provide high quality product but are also quite expensive
  10. Tickdata don't have quote data, they have traded price for tickdata only. I mean like this

    I have two emails from confirming that they don't have it.
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