Help! Best brokerage for day and penny trading?

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  1. New to this. Been playing on stock practice sites and up 56% in ten days. Going to try a little disposable income in day and swing trading and penny stocks. Where can I get the best price on multiple day trading commissions that supports otc penny stock trades as well as regular markets. Risky? Sure! Gambling nothing I have to have. Any help appreciated. Robert
  2. I don't trade stocks but, look at Genesis Securities under broker reviews, highly rated, if you ever trade futures check out Velocity, I use them they are very good.
  3. Thanks, I will check them out.
  4. Geneisis Securities charges $200/mo for software fee + other small fee.

    I think you better off using Scottrade or Ameritrade.
  5. Sorry, thanks for setting me straight calip, as I stated I don't trade stocks. Best of trading to everyone.
  6. I started off with the allure of OTC penny stocks. My advice is to save your money.
  7. What brokerage served best when you traded otc? Appreciate the advice but think I may have to give a shot when I watch a stock purchased at 3.05 climb to 6.00 in two days then split three for one. I know most of these never move up but hunting the exception is part of the fun!
  8. GTC


    If you trade under $1 stocks, Scottrade would be one of the most expensive brokers. Before you go to Scottrade, please read the fine print of its commissions schedule.
  9. hmm, free advertising,,,,

    are you the same person as jelly stone?
  10. No. FYI, I use IB. I had used both scottrade and ameritrade in the past, and they both inferior compare to IB. I recommended them because they have a fix fee per trade. As for myself, I would never trady penny stocks, my preference is $25+ with average volume over 4mils.
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